Stinky Toy

by Pujol

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Pujol: Reading Track 1



My identity
Is a stinky toy
A piece of trash
A commodified concept
That I use like a punch card

When clocking in to the full-time job
Of being myself for other people.

My identity is worthless
Because identity--as it is contemporarily exploited--
Is ubiquitous.

Perhaps, I feel this way because my identity has never really been threatened with erasure,
But, at the same time maybe it has.

For, if I completely chose to not participate in the accessorizing, exercising, put to working, best face forwarding, data brokering, kooky kabuki, symbolic ritual dance of showing you how I am so vested in who I am,

That you should not be scared of me
Because I have so much to lose
That I would not threaten
Who you are--

None of you would be
Listening to me
At all right now.

I fantasize about deleting myself.

In one fell swoop.

I leave wherever I am
With as much cash as possible.

I erase all my profiles. One by one
As I walk toward the bus station.

Then, I text one person I am not dead
And not to worry

Before immediately deleting my email address.

Then, I stomp the glass on my smart phone, extract the SIM card, torch it with a Bic lighter, and throw it all in separate trash cans as I continue on my way.

No one will know whatever brilliance of life I witness today
Perhaps ever again.

No one knows where I am. Or who I am anymore.

How absurd--and strangely decadent--that mere anonymity could be viewed as so radical.

But that generalized hubris and existential failure
To acknowledge my own vulnerability
Will be something that I have to leave behind
In it's own separate trash can before I

Get on the Megabus
And shave my eyebrows in the bathroom.


released May 2, 2016
Daniel Pujol: Voice, keys, bass, drums
Brett Rosenberg: Guitar
Jacob DeGraftenreid/Sunphase: Engineer, mix, master



all rights reserved


PUJOL Nashville, Tennessee

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